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Superhero Marketing from The Marcommer Helps EnviroLab Win 4 New Accounts

Eyes drifting and unfocused. Head nodding. Robotic, one-syllable responses. It was beginning to seem like an epidemic...


Aaron Hooper, President of EnviroLab, was tired of seeing his customers’ eyes glaze over when he started to talk about how his products used an enzyme and microbial remediation process for hydrocarbon degradation and industrial effluent scrubbing


<Are you still with me? That is about where the drifting, glassy glaze starts. Keep reading -- the story is about to get good!>


EnviroLab is a small, Texas-based chemical company that uses enzymes and bacteria chemical compounds to clean dirty water for the oil industry.


You don’t often hear “environmentally friendly” and “oil industry” in the same sentence, and Aaron’s industrial cleaning solutions are unique and powerful – and safe for people and the environment.


Aaron had a great product, but he knew he needed a clear, simple message that didn’t dumb down his solution. And, he wanted sales support material that reflected his clear message to take with him when he made sales calls.


His customers are knowledgeable, but they’re also elbow-deep in hydrocarbons, sludge, and other industrial dirt and oil for most of the day. He needed a message that better addressed their pains.


Mr. Hooper called The Marcommer for help.


We quickly determined that his customers didn’t want to know how microbes were going to rapidly attack organic contaminates. They wanted to know that their skin rashes will go away, their tanks would stop stinking, and that they would no longer have to breathe in toxic fumes.


In addition to a great message, Mr. Hooper also wanted material that was just a little different from what his competitors were doing. He wanted it to be a bit casual. A little conversational. Even a little fun.

And, his customers wanted to know that they’d save money. Lots of it. So we also summarized the value proposition in a way that didn’t require advanced degrees in both chemistry and finance to understand. 


We made it easy to see the real value of his product. We quantified the cost savings with a message of economics and proven with customer successes.


When his customers asked, “You got proof?” Mr. Hooper was able to say “Sure do” and back up his claim with real data.


So how does the story end? Aaron Hooper, President of EnviroLab, believes that the messaging and sales support material The Marcommer created helped him close four new accounts over the last year.


That’s what I call a super story.




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