Marcy Tanniru, marketing communications expert, business woman, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and chief operating officer at the Tanniru household. Multi-tasking isn’t a skill, it’s a lifestyle.The Marcommer
Hyper-organized and detail-driven, but with a passion for the creative and a love for the clever, Marcy Tanniru creates her lists using multicolored markers and day-glo ink.

After 14 years of working her way up the marketing communications ladder in large, global companies, Marcy took a look at the industry and realized that small- and medium-sized businesses wanted revenue-generating marketing programs, but often didn’t have the people to manage it or the budget to pay for it.

The idea for The Marcommer was born.

Marcy gave her boss a two-month notice, tied up loose ends, and set out to find small businesses with the desire to grow, but without the resources to support internal marketing departments or big-budget agency teams.

Marcy Tanniru will work with you to develop a marketing strategy, message, and tactics that support your goals and stay within your budget -- even if your goals are big and your budget tight. Download Marcy's resume and see why she is qualified to help you.